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Boat Range

  • Centre Cabins – Sports Fisher

    A serious offshore fishing boat with self draining ally floors as standard. This is our toughest boat in the range, where everything has been over engineered to produce a rock solid weapon.

  • Cabins – Weekender

    Our weekender models, like the name suggests is for going out for those longer trips and having that extra protection up front from the weather. Bunk cushions and hatch are standard features across this range.

  • Centre Consoles – Reef Fisher

    The Reef Fisher range is just one big fishing platform for you die hard fisho's. Room for mates down each side of the console, large cast platform with heaps of storage underneath and options available for a self draining floor. Plate construction and reverse spray chines.

  • Side Consoles – Predator

    The Predator range feature plate bottoms and sides with wide beams and a high free board, features not normally found standard on this style of boat. Removable seat poles allow you to fish from any location.

  • Bow Riders – Bay Fisher

    Our Bay Fisher range are aimed at those looking to have fun with family and friends, with plenty of seating for everyone. Still uses our plate construction for fishing offshore.

  • Runabouts – Front Runner

    Our Front Runner range have plenty of room in the back for family and friends. With standard features, like walk through windscreen and dash. There are even options for things like insulated esky glove boxes. This range is not just your average standard runabout.