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Prowave now has Australia’s Best Boat Seat Boxes for Sale!

Within Australia’s 7.692 square kilometres is a diverse assemblage of mountains, deserts, and flatlands. It’s a geographical wonder, transitioning from one topography to the next. None can deny its beauty or its sheer scope.

Those seeking salty adventures, however, will look past the coastline and to the collection of water beyond: the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Tasman Sea, the Timor Sea, the Bass Strait. There are many tides to follow, which is why Prowave suggests preparing for them all with proper boat seat boxes.

Prowave: About Us

Prowave (a subsidiary of Morris Marine) is a small company with a big vision. Through CNC engineering it creates custom plate products, dominating the boating market with side consoles, bow riders, runabouts, and more. It is a direct distributor, which promises expedited shipping and competitive pricing for the Australian public. It also promises a wide range of boat seat boxes for sale. Prowave offers fishermen multiple storage options (including tackle drawer, hatch door, and centre console).

Prowave: Choose the Best Boat Seat Boxes in Australia

When searching for boat seat boxes adventurers need look no further than Prowave. We can address all storage needs with:

Hatch Door Boxes

These seat boxes feature hatch-door styling, with aluminium constructions and bolt-on bases. Their deep interiors provide ample dry storage, while their square-frame tops prove more comfortable than traditional pedestal seating.

Tackle Drawer Boxes

No fisherman would dare leave shore without his favourite tackle, and these boat seat boxes for sale now allow him to organise it all with ease. Each aluminium seat features multiple pull-out drawers, allowing for efficient storage of swivels, sinkers, and spinner blades. Elastic cords tighten securely across each shelf, while bolt-on styling allows for quick floor fixing.

Centre Console Boxers

Centre Console boxes prove perfect for small spaces. Their compact shapes and square frames allow them to adapt to every boat, while their aluminium materials offer much needed durability. Stabilised vinyl tops, along with backrests, ensure extended comfort. When looking for boat seat boxes in Australia consider these and other Prowave designs.

Prowave: Payment Information

It’s easy to find boat seat boxes for sale. It’s less easy, however, to pay for them, with many stores only accepting cash or specific cards. Consumers often find themselves frustrated with the purchase process. Prowave understands this frustration, which is why we provide our customers with multiple checkout options. Schedule a direct deposit, use a PayPal account, or submit a credit card (all major brands are accepted). Everything can be done quickly and securely online.

Need the Best Boat Seat Boxes in Australia? Contact Prowave Today!

There are many tackle options and, fortunately, there are now also many way to organise them all. Choose boat seat boxes from Prowave! Our hatch, tackle drawer, and centre console options will provide superior dry storage. To learn more about our seat boxes (as well as our plate boats, bait boards, and more) contact us today.