Bait Tanks For Sale

High Quality Live Bait Tanks For Sale In Australia At Prowave

Having quality live bait on hand can be the difference on a fishing trip. Live bait tanks from Prowave, Australia’s premier manufacturer of aluminium boats and accessories, are a healthy environment for all your live bait. Prowave is an Australian owned and operated company that has been in the marine industry since 2003. The company has been building aluminium plate boats, bait boards, bait tanks, and other accessories ever since. Prowave has a massive product range and keeps most of its product lines in stock and ready to ship.

The Best Live Bait Tanks In Australia

The live bait tanks for sale at Prowave are constructed of marine grade aluminium, which ensures that customers will get many years of use. Some tanks are designed to bolt onto most any trailer boat, whether made of aluminium or fibreglass. Others are designed to be fixed to a boat floor. Most of the lids to the bait tank double as an area where fishermen can cut and prepare bait as well as cut and filet fish after the catch. Prowave makes plumbing kits with a side mount drain and overflow fittings to suit its bait tanks. There are a number of choices for customers and, should there be a special need, Prowave is able to custom build most anything.

Benefits Of Buying From the Manufacturer

As stated, Prowave has been manufacturing its various products lines for over a decade. The great thing about buying from Prowave is that a customer is buying directly from the manufacturer. With no middleman, customers save money. Prowave has been an innovator in the industry when it comes to making its own boats and accessories.

In 2009, the company built its own CNC machinery in order to make their manufacturing process even more efficient. The company’s CNC router cuts everything from aluminium to wood and does so with amazing precision. Since the introduction of the machine, Prowave has been able to keep costs down while at the same time improving the quality of its products. The company is also able to custom build most anything to meet the needs of its customers.

Why Choosing Prowave Makes Sense

When searching for quality marine products like bait boards and bait tanks, choosing Prowave makes sense for a variety of reasons. The factory direct pricing is one. Prowave manufacturers all of its own products and with its highly efficient machinery and manufacturing processes, it keeps costs down and passes them on to the customer.

Prowave has over 70 product lines in stock at all times. Customers placing an order can usually have their item (or items) shipped out the same day. All orders are shipped via Australia Post or Couriers Please and can be shipped anywhere in the country. Prowave can also produce custom orders. If a customer needs some modifications to a bait board, for example, Prowave can customise the order normally within a week.

Customers can learn more about the company and even place orders on the Prowave user-friendly website, They can also call the company for more information at 07 5641 2338.