Plate Alloy Boats

Looking for Plate Alloy Boats? Prowave now Provides Them to Brisbane, Darwin, and Beyond!

Extreme conditions dominate the Australian coast. Temperatures rise, fall, and then come soaring back. Wild winds stir up the waves, and sudden storms can undermine even the steadiest steering. Deep sea fishing is not a sport for the timid. It is, however, a sport for plate alloy boats. Prowave suggests that every fisherman take advantage of superior construction and customisation.

Prowave: About Us

Since 2003 Morris Marine (and, subsequently, Prowave) has served as one of Australia’s largest aluminium product producers. Its massive inventory and direct distribution policy makes it a leader among the market, and a use of CNC equipment ensures precise manufacturing. Those searching for plate alloy boats in Brisbane and plate alloy boats in Darwin, therefore, can trust in Prowave for sterling service and support. We boast the best selection available.

Plate Alloy Boats: The Prowave Advantage

From centre cabins to side consoles, bow riders to front runners, Prowave delivers a vast collection of plate alloy boats for Brisbane, Darwin, and beyond. Each option promises a variety of advantages to face extreme sea conditions. All Prowave boats are painstakingly constructed from 5083 structural alloy plate. Through in-house CNC cutting we piece together transoms, free boards, and more.

Not all plate alloy boats for Darwin and Brisbane are created equal. Some must instead be tailored for specific deep sea needs. Prowave understands this, which is why we utilise the latest 3D CAD modelling software to generate every hull, hatch, and high beam. Choose the right specifications and the right styling. Our 8m router will effortlessly carve out every part.

Salt water takes a toll on even the best boats. Prowave offers its customers protection against corrosion and rusting, however, through a five-year hull warranty. Our plate alloy boats will weather the storms and the sea.

Prowave: Our Accessories

Prowave doesn’t just offer world-class plate alloy boats for Brisbane, Darwin, and beyond. We also provide accessories for these boasts, including: bait boards, bait tanks, seat boxes, switch panels, rod holders, fixed buckets, helm chairs, and more. Choose the perfect products to complete every custom design.

Prowave is committed to streamlining the customer experience. This is why we maintain such a large in-stock selection and provide multiple payment options, such as: direct deposits, PayPal deposits, and credit card (including Visa and MasterCard) deposits via PayPal. Use these convenient methods to purchase all plate alloy products online.

Curious About Plate Alloy Boats? Contact Prowave Today!

Prowave has a simple philosophy: provide exceptional service to all of Australia. To do this we offer each fisherman customisable designs, in-house accessories, and easy payment options – and the result is quality. Want to learn more about our plate alloy boats for Darwin, Brisbane, and beyond? Contact us today! Our staff will be happy to explain the construction process, as well as provide a full list of style and specification possibilities.