Plate Alloy Boats

Searching for Plate Alloy Boats? Prowave has Options for Sydney, Cairns, and Gladstone!

It’s an all too common scenario – you wish to sell your fibreglass boat, needing something bigger, better, stronger for the deep sea expeditions to come. Though it’s served you well throughout the years, it’s simply no longer able to keep up with your weekend adventures. You require something more.

Unfortunately, other sportsmen also require more – which is why your fibreglass boat (with its endless dings, dents, and scratches) won’t fetch even half of what you originally paid for it. The value has been lost. Prowave knows that fibreglass boats are the sources of much resale frustration, and so we recommend using plate alloy boats for Sydney, Cairns, and beyond.

Prowave is a subsidiary of Morris Marine, one of the leading aluminium boat manufacturers in Australia. It’s dedicated to providing fishermen with superior service, which it achieves through in-house construction, competitive pricing, and an ever-growing collection of accessories. The company has also mastered the art of sales, which is why it suggests plate alloy boats for Cairns, Gladstone, and more. Fibreglass ships are poor alternatives to aluminium.

Prowave: Our Plate Alloy Boats

Prowave boasts a wide range of plate alloy boats for Gladstone and Sydney. Our in-house technicians work tirelessly to create:

Centre Cabins (Sport Fisher)
Cabins (Weekender)
Centre Consoles (Reef Fisher)
Side Consoles (Predator)
Bow Riders (Bay Fisher)
Runabouts (Front Runner)

Each of these plate alloy options offers distinctive styling and specifications, adapting to every fisherman’s specific needs. The lack of fibreglass also ensures stronger resale value later on (an important feature for every price-conscious consumer).

Prowave: Advantages of Plate Alloy Boats

Those searching for plate alloy boats in Sydney or plate alloy boats in Cairns will find much to celebrate with Prowave’s options. Each ship is constructed from 5083 plating, promising greater resistance against saltwater, reefs, and more. 3D CAD modelling software generates custom plans, while CNC routers precisely carve out every piece. This ensures that every boat meets (and exceeds) all current standards.

These advantages, when combined with Prowave’s five-year hull warranty, create superior plate alloy boats for Gladstone and beyond: ones that will maintain their values for far longer than any fibreglass options.

Prowave provides superior distribution to all fishermen. Our plate alloy boats for Sydney, Cairns, and Gladstone are made on-site and then shipped directly to our customers. This, when coupled with factory pricing and CNC manufacturing, simplifies the purchase process.

Want to Know More About Plate Alloy Boats in Gladstone, Sydney, and Beyond? Contact Prowave Today!

Prowave offers the best selection of in-house plate alloy boats for Cairns, Sydney, and the rest of Australia. Let us find you the perfect option for every deep sea destination, as well as ensure high resale value for the future. To learn more about our construction process, payment methods, or in-stock accessories contact us today. Our friendly staffers are always available to answer any questions.